Move From Suffering To Serene

Olympia, WA

Therapeutic Style and Specialties:

MOVE FROM SUFFERING TO SERENE have so many anxieties, relationship worries or career concerns that they create "mind chatter" or heartache that keeps you awake at night

PLUS...your emotions seem so big at times that you feel sensitive and vulnerable

THEN...we can work together to calm your brain and soothe your heart.

I have helped people find peace in their lives, harmony in their relationships, and fulfillment in their careers for over 22 years I specialize in a variety of mindfulness and other methods, and will help you find the best one for you.

I work with adults and couples.

My style as career specialist and family counselor, is friendly, calm, and open. I converse back and forth with clients, frequently telling them what I notice. Also, I often mention "near-universals", that is, ways in which other people might react to situations similar to those that the client is experiencing. Clients frequently give me the feedback that they feel comfortable, reassured, safe, and understood when we meet and that they can talk with me easily.

Some of my special interests in counseling clients are the following:

1) Career therapy/counseling to relieve distress related to career transitions and workplace issues.

2) Family systems work, to help resolve individual and/or relationship issues by changing relationship patterns. 

3) Internal Family Systems, and Hakomi, and mindfulness to release "mind chatter", and help clients access more internal wisdom and peace of mind/heart.

Email me by completing the contact form on this website or call my confidential voice mail at (360) 464-9265 to set an appointment or discuss how we can begin addressing whatever problems you are having. Begin moving from suffering to serene.

On your first visit, please arrive ten minutes early to complete paperwork. As you come up the walk to my office, you will pass a giant tree, go up three steps, and enter a 100-year old house from the private entrance on its left side. There will be a clipboard in the waiting room with just your first name on it. You can then have some tea, if you like, as you fill in the paperwork.

Insurance may cover personal, relationship, and/or career related sessions, and I will gladly double check your coverage for you. I offer evening appointments and some Saturday appointments to accommodate busy schedules.